The Environmental Non-Regression Principle in Latin American Comparative Law (Spanish only)

This new publication, backed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Master's Program in Environmental Law at the University of Costa Rica (UCR), seeks to weave together legal and economic arguments for environmental protection. In the publication, renowned Latin American legal experts and lawyers explain how land loss, a change in the management category of a protected area or the introduction of higher tolerance minimums for environmental standards without scientific and technical support violate the non-regression principle that the communities of the region must avoid.
The publication was presented in its e-book version with the following introduction: "The non-regression principle or the principle of environmental regression prohibition stipulates that national laws may not be revised if this implies a regression in the environmental protection levels achieved in the past in a certain country."
The publication includes “Reflections on the Interpretation of the Non-Regression”, (Reflexiones para la interpretación de la no regresión), an essay by Rafael González Ballar, president of AIDA's Board of Directors. We congratulate him on his contribution.
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