Mining and Petroleum

Cajamarca in Colombia

Arracacha cops. | Credit: Felipe Rodríguez-Moreno / Flickr.

Cajamarca is a town in the mountains of central Colombia, often referred to as "Colombia’s pantry” due to its great agricultural production. In addition to fertile lands, fed by rivers and 161 fresh water springs, the municipality features panoramic views of gorges and cloud forests. The main...
Poopó in western Bolivia

At the entrance to Poopó, the landscape includes pools of mining waste and damaged soil. | Credit: Andrés Ángel / AIDA.

For centuries, Bolivia has allowed its economy to depend almost exclusively on the extractive sector, an option that is entirely unsustainable in the medium and long term. The biggest challenge is demonstrating that the sustainable path can be fruitful and, ultimately, that it is a better option...
Blue lakes of crystal-clear water in Santurbán

Blue lakes of crystal-clear water in Santurbán. | Credit: Alberto Peña Kay / AIDA.

Hiding the trash under the carpet does not mean you’ve cleaned, not in terms of the economy and certainly not in terms of mining.
Flaring at the Scott Township fracking well in Pennsylvania.

Flaring at the Scott Township fracking well in Pennsylvania. | Credit: WCN 24/7.

In Argentina, the environmental authority granted a permit for Petrolera El Trebol to explore and exploit four oil wells conventionally (without using fracking) near Llancanelo Lagoon, a wetland of international importance. Months later, the company decided to frack the wells. The government...
March against fracking in San Martín, Colombia

March against fracking in San Martín, Colombia. | Credit: Esperanza Proxima / Flickr.

Since early 2016, the residents of San Martín, 300 miles north of Bogotá in the department of Cesar, Colombia, have mobilized, protested, and peacefully resisted the government’s plans to begin fracking in their municipality. If our governments are committed to continuing to drill for fossil fuels...
On March 26, 2017, 98% of voters in Cajamarca, Colombia decisively rejected mining in their territory.
Heavily promoted by the United States, the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons through fracking has sought to expand into nations throughout the Americas. It has done so despite the fact that none of those governments have comprehensive knowledge of its risks, the serious and irreversible...Read more
Organizations argue that the International Finance Corporation invested in a gold mine without taking into account potential environmental impacts, thereby failing to comply with its own investment standards.Read more
AIDA celebrates SEMARNAT’s decision to deny the environmental authorization of a marine phosphate mine proposed for Ulloa Bay, Baja California Sur.Read more
Fact Sheets
1. Don Diego is a proposed marine mining project in Mexico. Marine mining is a process used to extract metals or minerals from the seabed. The Don Diego proposal calls for dredging seven million tons of phosphate sand from the seabed 19 kilometers off the coast of Baja California Sur. [1] Leftover...Read more